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Who is the photographer behind the 1011 Experiment?

My name is Bob Back and I welcome you to the 1011 Experiment. Residing in Hazelwood, Missouri, I was born and raised in the St. Louis Area. I currently am an Electrical Engineer by day and operate my photography business in the evenings and on weekends.

I have always had a passion for art. I love the creativity involved in the process and rewards of the finished product. While serving in the Navy in the High Sierra California desert in 1991, I was instantly attracted to the beauty of the environment. To capture the details of my surroundings, I purchased my first film SLR camera. I found photography as an artistic outlet and to be very rewarding. Much of my free time was spent touring the desert and capturing through photography the beauty around me.

My passion for photography was rekindled several years ago with the purchase of a digital SLR camera. I love attempting to capture through the media of photography the emotion of both things ordinary and unordinary as well as animate and inanimate. Photography has opened my eyes to the things normally blinded by the hustle of everyday life and allowed me to see the beauty in the people, animals, and objects surrounding me.

Why the 1011 Experiment?

The 1011 Experiment was created as a trademark of my photography business, Robert Back Photography.  It’s a place where I can explore my creative side and “experiment” in the photography medium while keeping it separate from formal portraits, senior photography, and wedding photography.

The meaning behind the name itself, The 1011 Experiment, has a deeper and personal meaning.  I grew up in Baden, Missouri and lived at the address, 1011 Canaan.  I seem to also ALWAYS find myself looking at the clock when it is 10:11, 11:01, and 11:10.  Therefore, oddly enough I believe the number itself has some mystical meaning in my life.  So I thought why not and the 1011 Experiment was born.

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